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In my mind’s eye, I see the image of a woman walking along a path.
The trail becomes steeper and narrower as she continues.
Her backpack, although less burdened, weighs increasingly heavy.
The sun, which seems to be her goal, shines on her face.
The woman decides to rest for a while.
She places the backpack next to her.
Because of its weight, she still feels the marks of the straps on her shoulders.

Then, she decides to return to her home village and to leave the backpack behind.

The bag contains the excess baggage of all her experience of being a human, a woman, a mother;
especially the need to be needed.
The need to feel necessary was her greatest fulfillment, her greatest joy.
But it also was her biggest challenge.
Now the obstacle is gone.
From this she learns the most.
The backpack is now radiating in the light of the sun.
She asks Great Spirit to transform her need to be needed into the maturity of a wise, ancient woman.

Fragment from Playing with the Life Force

Now, a few years after I have written this text,
I know that the desire to be a source of inspiration for others has remained.
May the unnamable sound through my words.



The feminine

May we be blessed in our journey together
Oh yes, may this be.

Open, dear one,
to what is true for you. 

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