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Being present in my body has been the theme of my life, because it was usually easier for me to squeeze myself out of my body than to fully embody who I am.
There are many splits to be healed before we truly incarnate and maybe that is why I love to help people become aware of their bodies.
Awareness of the body can help us to overcome physical and mental problems.
In fact, I believe that we are guided by the Divine through our body minds.
For example, a heart feeling, a gut feeling or an illness tells us about a direction we need to take.
When I was studying A Course in Miracles I was astounded about one of the teachings: ‘I am not my body, I am free’. Even though this may ultimately be true, it was not the right instruction for me.
So I started writing books that are my own body oriented interpretation of A Course in Miracles.
The names of the books are Wholeness and Wholeness Complete.
At that time I was highly interested in the wisdom of the Maya’s and their sacred calendar, the Tzolkin.
I explored whether we can find the archetypes of the Mayan sunglyphs at certain energy points, as described by Jin Shin Jyutsu®, in our bodies and wrote a third book that describes these explorations.
The name of the book is Playing with the Life Force.
After my career as a psychotherapist I joined Lynn Andrews Mystery School and four years later I was ordained as a minister and a shaman.
Now I am painting feminine bodies, faces, following the 13 step method of Shiloh McCloud.
This helps me to deeper embody the feminine energy that I am.
I will also teach others to paint according to the method, in order to find the hidden places that want to be revealed and more fully expressed.
All these facets are reflected on my website  




My inside does not understand
and is upset.

The feminine
May we be blessed in our journey together
Oh yes, may this be.



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