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Joos's journal


Signals of life

I am traveling to the U.S., because this coming weekend there will be a reunion of my high school class of '58. 50 years ago I was part of an American family for a year. The year in the U.S. has had a great influence on my life.

There is a three hour stopover in Memphis, Tennessee.
It has been a long flight and because of the seven hour time difference with the Netherlands it's very late for me.
I feel kind of tired and lost. My book cannot inspire me anymore.

In a bookstore at the airport I open Eckhart Tolle's book A New Earth at the page where it says: "Our relationship to the Now decides our relationship to life".
All of a sudden I realize that my relationship to the Now is very poor at this moment.
This awareness opens a door for me. I can feel my energy and my presence again.
The fear of not being able to cope with the fatigue vanishes.

I look at some other books and find Life after Death by Deepak Chopra.
I am thoroughly interested in the title, in the theme, in this phase of my life, at this very moment.
How beautiful can life be when we open ourselves to what life has to offer at any moment!



We are in Spain now.
These are the last days we can swim in the ocean before breakfast.
Within a few days we will probably find it too dark and too cold at this early hour.
But it is such a delight!
The pink light of the rising sun, the calm sea, the seagulls flying in small groups above us.
Sometimes one of them dives into the sea, snapping towards a fish in the same water I am swimming in.
I feel we share this water, this air, this earth with all living creatures.
For a few moments I have forgotten that I am swimming.
The image of the gull diving into the water made me dissolve in the grand total.