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Joos's journal



Yesterday, after painting, my critical mind appeared with great intensity.
I thoroughly disliked the way I had painted her hair.
My thoughts traveled in all directions and my heart was also restless.
This morning I clicked on one of the ideas of this website and received the following:

I invite the silent Power to show me the way.

How appropriate!
The explanation of the idea was also very clarifying:

Today, let's forget about the will of our small beings.
We invite our essences to enter our lives more.
This invitation is the opening to a deeper part of our spirit.
By this call forces awaiting our invitation are made operative.
Forces that are always present.
To everyone.

The idea comforted me and helped me to find the courage and the patience to repaint her hair and to start anew.
Her locks are blue now.



The first layer of paint

The first layer of paint still is a doorway, an opening towards what will appear.


The canvas still is empty

The new year started well for me because I am taking a painting course with Shiloh Sophia McCloud.
The easel stands in my room, the canvas still is empty.
The canvas is the door, the gateway, towards the source of inspiration.
I am curious.