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Joos's journal


She who holds the vision of healing

It was exciting to make this painting.
The bird that all of a sudden appeared in front of her face…and all the time she had more dots…
I wanted to paint as free as I could and finished precise as always.
Her name changed at times and was clear to me at the end.



Finally I understand on a deeper level that the destination of our lives is not to be found in a point in the future, but in our lives now.
Our soul wants to experience what it's like to live on Earth.
That is why it is essential to learn to listen to our inner selves, to feel what we want to do.
By this attitude of listening it is easier to notice that we are surrounded by the beauty of creation and that everything is enfolded and permeated by silence.
We then also notice how free we are to try something new, to make mistakes and retrace our steps, to change course.
As we recover the harmony within ourselves, we find more joy as a result, because our inner self is happy that we don’t leave her behind.
There is still much to discover, but again, the goal is not about the end point of our search but about the journey itself.