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Joos's journal



I thought there was a Force outside and above us that could bring us joy, but the Force lives inside us and lets us know what sparks joy and intimacy and contentment and what causes haste and unrest.
For the moment I am tidying closets according to the method from the book: “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying” by Marie Kondo.
My life, your life, our lives are important for the whole of life.
Apparently it is important for me to experience this at an ever deeper level.


The mother of the universe

Finally I finished painting the mother of the universe.
She helps us to align with who we are at the deepest and greatest level.
It was a great joy to work with her and to hear her messages once in a while by just sitting down and listening.
I could have gone on for days bringing in more detail.
We are co-creators.