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Joos's journal


Full moon

On the 31th of December 2009 the moon will be full. From that date the portal towards the energy of Love will be open.
Time to leave behind old patterns that keep us separated from this abundant Energy.

In our bodies we can feel the light of our soul that connects us to the Divine.
The intent of wanting to experience this union + a receptive attitude are enough to unite body and soul and to live this truth.



When we are in Spain we see very well that in winter the setting of the sun is in a totally different place than where we see it in summer.
Now we see the sun go down in her most Southern position, which is in the direction of Africa.
After December 21th, the day of the solstice, the sun will set in a position which is slightly more Northern every day. In June the sun does not disappear in the ocean but behind a peace of land that sticks out in the ocean.
It seems like the earth makes a very stable pendulum motion year after year, but in reality she makes an elliptical movement around the sun.
When I visualise this I am impressed by the ingenious cogwheels of creation.
I feel it in my center.
Also I can depict that the turnaround of direction sets in motion a lot of energy.
Anything that is not in concord with this ‘music of the spheres’ is brought to consciousness.
We read this daily in the newspapers.


Waves of light

Usually, when I am in Spain, I encounter an unpleasant aspect of myself.
Nature is so magnificent in this place, and there is so little distraction, that every facet that is not in correspondence with the beauty around me is enlarged in a caricatural way.
Fortunately I usually bring some books that by mere ‘accidence’ show me the way out of the self created darkness.
This time it happened likewise.
The book is written by Deepak Chopra: Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul.
Chopra explains that our bodies are unlimited and that our brains are totally flexible, because at all times new neurological networks are being created.
When we keep repeating negative thoughts, neurons are fired in the corresponding network in the brain. The network grows and our bodies make us feel terrible as a result.
Tibetan monks do the opposite. By meditating on the idea of compassion the neurological network that corresponds with this state grows, which makes it easier for their bodies to produce this benevolent state.
Love, grace, truth, intelligence are present in the universe like waves of light.
We need do no more than open ourselves towards the light.
It is possible.