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Joos's journal



I am reading the book When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödron.
She shows a way to start living beyond the moralistic view of right or wrong, of perfect or imperfect.
A way to be exactly who we are NOW and to find small openings towards who we ARE.

Precisely at the place where we do not live up to the image of ourselves…
Precisely at those moments when there is a gap between the good we are striving for and the raw reality of what’s happening inside us…
At that place, at the thin edge where our lives are, we can be gentle with ourselves.
Instead of becoming fearful and judgmental, we can start finding the courage of not acting, the courage of just being aware of what’s happening NOW.
This courage can lead us passed the old patterns, the defense, the judgment about ourselves and others.
Exactly at that place we can find something new. and make a small step forwards in the direction of growth.

My heart enjoys this book.