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Joos's journal



I am very excited, because I am filming the steps of the Color of Woman method while I am making a new painting.
I have never filmed before and my inner self is elated.
I dedicate the video to all the people who are taking care of a beloved.
It is so important to have a space in the house that is just for ourselves, our own territory.
A place where we can do what we want.
When we follow our bliss we can also be a source of inspiration for others.



The dreamer

Once again we are in the West of the Medicine Wheel.
The area where bear lives and the dreamer.
Bears eat berries and nuts, roots and seeds.
We receive images from the unknown through the dreamer and we can hear the inner voice in this place.
The faint inner voice of protest has to do with this.
At first she is barely audible, but later we can feel her as a gnawing discontent.
We sense that our life could blossom more than we have allowed to happen until now.
For me this feeling is intertwined with starting to teach painting.
Teaching through the internet or in a studio somewhere.
I know that we can express ourselves through our works of art.
We can process our dissatisfaction, our sadness, our old patterns that keep us tied in the daily groove and thus integrate the feelings and find more freedom.
I want to listen to the language of the dreamer.




The alchemist

In the South of the medicine wheel we painted the alchemist.
The first layers consisted of many energy lines.
The energy lines were the groundwork for a feminine figure:

Originally I had painted the head of a tiger in the right lower corner of the painting.
Apparently I needed this symbol of power to remember my fierceness.
In the end I covered the head with leaves from the tree of life.